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Building a community around food - meals, snacks - but also a place for support

"because every gestational diabetes experience should be filled with care and friendship" – Julija, HIgedi founder

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Engage in conversations, seek recommendations, share and gain advice, provide encouragement, or simply vent. Search for specific topic-related posts by entering keywords.

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Snap your meals and snacks, and update with 1-hour / 2-hour blood sugar readings.


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Search your area to locate gestational diabetes companions who can relate to your gestational diabetes experience – for meet-ups, local insights, and more!


Engage in private chats. Keep in touch with your new companions, wherever you are.



Everything from low-carb snacks and high-protein drinks to blood glucose meters and gestational diabetes-related books. We are committed to building a marketplace based on users' recommendations, ensuring everyone can benefit from tried and tested products.

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Join HIgedi: where support comes first

HIgedi is specially designed for women with one thing in common – gestational diabetes experience. Whether you’re recently diagnosed, sort of an expert with multiple gestational diabetes experiences, or a healthcare professional eager to share your knowledge – HIgedi welcomes you all. Come in, say HI, and support each other through this season of life.

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    "HI, I'm Julija, the founder of HIgedi. It's a pleasure to meet you. The idea behind HIgedi was born from my personal journey with gestational diabetes, a diagnosis that blindsided me. Despite being very thin and having no history of diabetes in my family, I never expected to face this diagnosis. I'm not a healthcare professional and have no medical qualifications, but I've been there. I'm a mom with lived experience of gestational diabetes."

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    Quick Guides for Managing Gestational Diabetes

    Smart picks for fast food chains, foods to consider and avoid, practical tips, and more!


    Offer your guidance, share your knowledge and simply support others in need.
    We're stronger together.